Border Rivers Commission

The Border Rivers Commission (BRC) consists of three Commissioners. One is appointed by the Queensland Government, another by the New South Wales Government. The third Commissioner is the chair, who must be a person not in the service of either government, and is appointed by the Premiers of the two States. Each Commissioner is appointed for a term not exceeding five years. The position of Chair alternates between a nominee of the Queensland Government and a nominee of the New South Wales Government. Each State may also appoint a Deputy Commissioner.

The Commissioners are:

  • Mr Shaun Cox – Commissioner and Chair of the BRC
  • Ms Stephenie Hogan – Commissioner representing Queensland
  • Mr Mitchell Isaacs – Commissioner representing New South Wales

The Deputy Commissioners are:

  • Mr Trevor Dann – Deputy Commissioner representing Queensland
  • Mr Peter Hyde – Deputy Commissioner representing New South Wales

The BRC is administratively supported by Ms Donna Hodgon, Chief Executive Officer and Ms Alexandra Stringer, Accountant; and Mr Joeffrey Agbayani, Business and Governance Officer.

Last updated: 07 Jul 2022